Here are a few words about our laboratory:

• A glance at the past.

Back in 1884, the Boufeas Distillery was a family business founded in Kalamata by Petros D. Boufeas. The Distillery remained in force until 1928, when Petros’s son Dimitrios founded "Boufeas Chemical and Oenological Laboratory" located in the old market of the city. Dimitrios was one of the first licensed chemists in Greece and ran the laboratory successfully for many years. Until the past few years, Dimitrios’s son Petros, also a chemist himself took over the business during the 70s. Over the years, the laboratory has gained an exceptional reputation for its services in providing innovating ways of analyzing wine, olive oil, water, as well as and other beverages.

• The laboratory today.

Today the family business, one of the first Greek Laboratories in the Balkan region, has been transformed into a modern laboratory, introducing new methods of testing and analysis, always taking into consideration all years of experience for over 100 years. It is officially operated by Stavroula P. Boufea, a graduate of the department of Oenology & Beverage Technology at Athens Technological Educational Institute in Greece. Stavroula, together with her husband, Nikolaos Koutsoukos, a graduate of the department of Chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, work in the family business and bring remarkable updated technologies and knowledge in the industry of wine, olive oil, water and other products. Petros Boufeas is also there, sharing his knowledge and experience with the new generation family.

• The future of “Petros Boufeas Chemical and Oenological Laboratory”.

Being a family business for more than a century and always close to our clients, we are proud for our know-how and experience in wine, water and olive oil analyses. Our aim is not only to continue our business with the existing clientele, but also to attract new ones with our high quality standards and special treatment for each specific case.